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You - In a Relationship

Relationship Seminars

Real Colors

Real Colors is an innovative way to look at our personalities, how we interact with others with the same and different personalities,. and how to make our personalities work together for loving relationships.

Understanding Relationships with Choice Theory Psychology

Choice Theory Psychology is an explanation of human motivation and why we do everything we do.  This module teaches how to figure out what we want in a relationship, and how to go about getting the it in ways that don't hurt us or others.  This module looks at theories and techniques to create healthy relationships and work through relationship difficulties, including the Brain as a Control System, Basic Needs, Wants, Procedures that Lead to Change, Caring and Deadly Relationship Habits, Structured Reality Therapy, and the Solving Circle.

Communicating Love

Communicating Love teaches how to build and sustain loving relationships.  It looks at how we communicate our love to others and how to do that through understanding the various languages of love.